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On Saturday morning the ladies were away to St Games Gate. The BLI website says there was no result.
On Saturday afternoon the 1st team game was postponed. due to a duck swimming on the Green. It was a endangered species so we were not allowed to chase it away. The game was moved to Tuesday night. With all the rain the green was playing slower than it was in April. For an ageing side like Herbert Park coming off the ultra quick carpet they normally play on, this was almost impossible to bowl on for them. Nigel’s and Derek’s rinks took a while get on top of their opponents but by the 12 end were well in control. Adams and Fiachra’s rinks were 15 shots up within 4 ends and had ensured their points and the overall match by the 7th end if not sooner. The 132 to 36 winning score was huge. Nearly a difference of 100 shots. But there was nobody playing who considered it overly enjoyable and I am sure Herbert Park will have a good chance of getting revenue in the return fixture at Des Kelly Park.
Adam’s rink of Tadgh, Tim and Carrick won by loads. (34 – 11)
Nigel’s rink of Bryan, Frank and Dave won by quite a bit. (27 – 10)
Fiachra’s rink of Ian, Paddy and Jerry won by loads and loads. (45 – 9)
Derek’s rink of Paul, Drew and Ultan won by a decent number. (27 – 6)
The next game is on Tuesday the 23rd of June away to Westmanstown.
On Monday night the second teams match was at home to the Bank.It was looking good for most of the match with Railway 12 shots up with 4 to play but the bank came back strongly and although we won 2 of the 3 rinks we ended up losing 49 -51 overall.( 2 point to 4) They have a Bye next week so their next game is on Monday 27th of June away to Blackrock.
I did not receive the cards so cannot give any more info.