Officers and Designated Liaison Persons

Child Protection and Child Welfare is of the utmost importance at Railway and as a club we are committed to establishing appropriate policies, procedures and the awareness of the responsibilities shared by us all when it comes to Child Protection and Child Welfare.

It is all of our responsibility to ensure the best practice is implemented in Railway. If you have a concern, you can contact one of the Railway Child Welfare Officers or Designated Liaison Persons.

Rasha Greaves

Designated Liaison Officer - Football

Ian MacArthur

Child Welfare Officer & Designated Liaison Officer - Bowls

Paul Forgarty

Child Welfare Officer - Hockey

Alan Horgan

Designated Liaison Officer - Rugby

John O’Donovan

Child Welfare Officers - Tennis

Sarah Bowen

Child Welfare Officer - Football

Ciaran Divney

Child Welfare Officer - Cricket

Blaíthín Thompson

Child Welfare Officer - Hockey

Claire Byrne

Child Welfare Officer - Rugby

Ann O'Neil

Designated Liaison Officers - Tennis

Orla Staunton

Child Welfare Officer - Bridge

Aisling Snow

Designated Liaison Officer - Cricket

Helen Johnston

Designated Liaison Officer - Hockey

Michelle Crowe

Child Welfare Officers - Tennis

Anna McHugh

Designated Liaison Officers - Tennis