We have an on-site physiotherapy clinic with expert and tailored treatment provided by Spectrum Health and its sister company, The Physio Company, which is Ireland’s largest chartered physiotherapy provider.

With over 20 clinic locations and a digital clinic to treat individuals nationwide, Spectrum Health have helped thousands of individuals with various issues. Their chartered, CORU registered physio team are here to help, and can treat a range of conditions including sports injuries, neck and back pain, and musculoskeletal conditions, through a tailored and hands on approach.

Our on-site Spectrum Health physiotherapist also provides pre-game strapping and taping services, which you can book a 10-min appointment for online here, or by getting in touch with Spectrum Health or their Railway Union physiotherapist directly.

There are various appointment times available for physio at Railway Union, and you can book online here or get in touch with Spectrum Health directly via 01 611 1740 or info@spectrumhealth.ie to make an appointment.

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Chartered Physiotherapist : Dipo Adisa