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“New Athletic Club” from the archives Tuesday 14th June 1904

New Athletic Club 
On Tuesday representative meeting of the clerical staffs of the railway companies and steampacket companies and Irish Railway Clearing House was held at the Gresham Hotel for the purpose of forming an Athletic Union. Mr. Charles Smith Secretary of the Irish Railway Clearing House presided and Mr. H.S. Coe was appointed hon. secretary to the meeting. Letters promising support to the movement were received from Mr. Francis B. Ormsby secretary G.S. and W. Railway; Mr. S. Symes, Audit Superintendent, G.S. and W Railway; Mr. J.H. Bell Superintendent do; Mr. A.C. Reid General Manager D.W. and W. Railway; Mr. R.J. Moore uperintendent G.N.R. (Ireland); Mr. Morrison Assistant Manager M.G.W.R. co; Mr. M.F. Keogh Secretary D.W. and W. co; Mr. J. Shanks Chief Accountant G.N.R. (Ireland); Mr. J.J. Alcorn Chief Accountant G.S. and W.R. It was decided on the motion of Mr. Lawlor, seconded by Mr. Smith: – “That an Athletic Union be formed comprising the clerical staffs of the railway and steampacket companies represented in Ireland, and of the Irish Railway Clearing House.” It was also decided that the organisation should be called “The Railway and Steampacket companies Irish Athletic Union.” Mr. P.J. Brennan proposed that clubs for cricket, hockey, football and other games should be formed. Mr. Doherty seconded the motion which was carried nem. con. It was decided to have an annual subscription of 10s. It was decided to appoint an Executive Committee consisting of three delegates from each company or committee party to the Union, such delegates to be elected by the respective companies, and their names sent to Mr. H.S. Coe, G.S.and W. Railway within seven days.

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