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On Saturday morning the ladies went out to play on the wide open plains of the Westmanstown green and came away with a 22-12 loss.Their new match is at home to Greystones on the 21st of May.

On Monday night the second teams match was at home to a strong St Games Gate team who are league leaders and favorites to win it. Railway start very slow and after 3 ends the score was 2 – 21 they fought back hard and after 11 ends they were 5 shots down (29 – 34). But having used up a lot of energy in their fight back then then got tired and ended up losing 38 – 69. 1 point to 5. Their next game is on the 23rd of May away to CYM.

Paddy’s rink of Brendan C, Brendan B and Joe were on the rink nearest the fence. They said that the cricket game being played beside them was very interesting before they lost 9 – 31.

Nigel’s ring of Brian, Viv and Tony we the only rink to win. Started slowly they lost the first 3 ends again before winning the next 8 ends to lead 14 – 7 after 11 ends.They shared the last 7 ends to win our only point 19 – 10.

Pat’s of John H, Paul K and John M lost a 5 on the 3rd end to be losing 2 – 6. they put in a great effort and drew level at 9 – 9 after 11 ends. Then the wheels came off the bus in a big way and a run of 5, 4, 2 , 4, dropped shots in the next 4 ends meant they all had to walk home.They ended up with a 10 – 28 Loss.

On Tuesday night the 1st team played Bray at home. The over all match was never really in doubt (45 – 32 after 11 ends)due to Fiachra’s rink always being well ahead, But all other rinks had very tough battles to secure their winning points. The over all score of 77 – 48 did not reflect the tightness of the rinks and standard of the Bray bowlers. Going into the last end the final score could have been anything between 4 – 3 and 7 – 0.But luckily we ended up with the maximum.

Billy’s rink of Bryan, Tadgh and Dave had a titanic struggle with neither team able to get control of the rink. There was no more than 2 shots in it for either side up to the 15 end when the score was 15 – 15. We then got a 4  on the 16 end and went into the last end 3 shots up. We were lying 2 shots up when the Bray skip played his last wood. He moved the jack and they then held 3 shots which was enough for a tie but Billy drew in the second shot and ended up winning 16 – 14.

Derek’s rink of Paul, Frank and Zach  we 2 – 2 after 4, 5 – 6 after 9 ends, but got a 5 on the 10th to go ahead. Bray fought back and were 1 up going into the last 2 ends. Railway got a shot to level it again on the 17th end. They threw a long jack which helped them get 4 shots to end up winning 18 – 14.

Adam’s rink of Ian, Tim and Carrick had a terrible start and were 1 – 10 down after 7. They then picked up a couple of shots before getting a 5 on the 11th end and a 4 on the 14th end to lead 16 -11. But Bray fought back strongly and were only 1 shot down going into the last end. They were winning most short jack ends but their lead threw the jack too short which allowed us throw a long jack that gave us an advantage. Their lead got close to the jack before Tim wicked in to hold shot. That how it stayed so the end score was 16 – 14.

Fiachra’s rink of Ultan, Jerry and Drew were always in control. 12 -0 up after 5 ends 21 -3  after 13 before they ended up winning 26 – 5.

So a 77 shots to 48 shots total and a 7 points to 0 Win.The next game is on Saturday 21st of May away to St Games Gate.With a cup match against Bray at home on Sunday the 22nd.

On Wednesday evening in the CYM rinks competition our rink of Derek, Adam, Carrick and Paul L Were beaten on the last end by 2 shots. After burning 3 ends it was very dark at the end which made the last few ends a bit of a lottery.