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On Saturday the 1st team lost their first home match of the season to an experienced CYM team.The final score of 68 to 77 (a difference of 9 Shots) was closer than we thought it would be as during the game CYM looked to have control of the game from 11 ends on.

Carrick’ rink of John Higgins, Paddy and Jerry had a tough day at the office, leading 3 – 2 after 3 ends they then found themselves 3 – 16 down after 12 ends and ended up losing 10 – 26.

Derek’s rink of Paul, Frank and Zach were 2 – 6 down after 6 ends and actually lost 8 of the first 10 ends before winning 8 out of the last 10 ends in a great fightback to come away with a 23 – 15 hard fought win.

Adam’s rink of Ian, John Mellon and Tim had another tight start to their match and this week they were 9 – 9 after 12 ends. They then won 9 ends out of the last 11 ends to win 21 shots to 14 shots.

Nigel’s rink of Bryan, Viv and Dave were 0- 8 down after 6 ends but seemed to get the measure of the green and their opponents as they fought back to 7 – 8 after 8 ends. But this was as close as they got to their opponents as they finished with a loss of 14 – 22.

So a 68 shots to 77 shots total and a 2 points to 5 Loss leaves us on 50% for the season to date. There is a break next weekend due to the bank holiday so the next game is a tough one on Saturday 7th of May away to Shankill.

The second teams match was away against Dun Laoghaire. It was a tough,tight match played it arctic conditions that ended with a 38 shots to 44 shots loss. 1 points to 5.

Pat Coady’s rink of Graham, Smithy and John Mellon were always behind and at one stage were 2 – 13 behind before staging a strong comeback before finally ended up losing 11 – 16.

Nigel’s ring of Bryan, Brendan and Tony were down all through the match but fought back to be 1 shot behind going into the final end. After the DL lead put a wood close to the jack Brendan cleared him out and held 1 shot before Nigel earned his big fee by drawing the winning shot. The final score 15 – 14 to Railway.

Carrick’s rink of Paul k, Rory and Drew were in another titanic battle. Struggling at the start to get used to the artificial they were lucky to be only 4 down after 3 ends. Then they got used to the rink and forged ahead to lead 10 – 3. But as the cold got worse they lost 5 ends in a row but still went into the last end 11 – 10 up. But unfortunately the front of the rink for DL were playing very well at that stage a put 3 shots in close to the jack. With 3 back woods and a toucher in the ditch we went after the jack but just missed it and dropped 3 shots resulting in a 11 – 13 loss.

Very disappointing after such a great effort but to get so close to Dun Laoghaire away was very encouraging. The next game for the 2nd team is at home against Kenilworth on the 9th of May.

Don’t forget.
The speed bowls tournament will go ahead on this Saturday the 30th of April. All members are welcome to play.Can anybody who wishes to play please contact Ian MacArthur.