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EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge II

Congratulations to the Men’s Indoor Team who secured silver in the EuroHockey Indoor Club Challenge in Turkey at the weekend. Read reports from the Hook andThe Irish Times. Their result secures promotion for Ireland to the third tier of the Eurohockey Indoor Club Challenge Competition in 2018.


Saturday 11th February
Men’s 3s 0-4 Three Rock
Men’s 5s 3-1 Enniscorthy (Lorenzo Della Corte x2, Paul Fogarty)

Ladies’ 1s 1-2 UCD (Michelle Carey) EY Hockey League
Ladies’ 2s 1-3 Three Rock (Julia O’Halloran)
Ladies’ 3s 4-0 Corinthians (Aisling O’Brien x2, Alex Orr, Karen Giles)
Ladies’ 4s 0-1 Corinthians
Ladies’ 5s 1-0 Trinity (Sue Crofton)

Monday 13th February
Ladies’ 4s 0-0 Trinity


Saturday 18th February
Men’s 1s v Cork C of I (A) 2.30pm EY Hockey League
Men’s 2s v Glenanne (H) 2.30pm Leinster League
Men’s 3s v Portrane (H) 3.10pm  Leinster League

Men’s 4s v Weston (A) 2.45pm Leinster League
Men’s 5s v SBPP Swords (A) 9.30am  Leinster League

Ladies’ 2s v Clontarf (H) 10.55am Leinster League
Ladies’ 3s v Naas (H) 12.20pm Leinster League
Ladies’ 4s v UCD (A) 11.15am Leinster League
Ladies’ 5s v Botanic (H) 1.45pm Leinster League

Sunday 19th February
Ladies’ 1s v Monkstown-Hermes (H) 4pm Jacqui Potter Cup Semi Final