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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to advise you of the recent arrival of the RCSI students to Railway Union which represents the start of what we hope will be a beneficial partnership to both parties. This represents a very exciting development for the Club and myself and the Management Committee are committed, as I am sure you all are as members, to making this work very successfully.

Your elected sports leaders have been engaging extensively with the relevant student coordinators and sports at RCSI over the past few weeks to ensure that we have a shared collective view of the times/dates for the use of the grounds for the various sports. I have attached the timetable below that has been agreed.

Moreover, we have agreed an RCSI only training area (set out in the attached map) to enable the students who play rugby to train on Wednesday and Fridays night. This solution has come about as a result of the excellent collaboration between the various sports leaders and the use of this space will ensure that the STRI (Our Grounds Advisors) recommendations are adhered to also.

Can I encourage you all to make the students feel very welcome at the Club as we want this relationship to be an enduring one – in this regard for the next 3 Friday evenings there will be a few drinks and some finger food in the Club house so feel free to come along and say Hello.

From a Club perspective the additional revenue that this partnership will bring to us is a necessity and not a luxury and hence we need to work hard to protect it and nurture it.

I would appreciate if you would all share this communication with fellow members as it is important we are all aligned on this relationship and its importance to the future of the Club.

In the event that there are any additional requests for changes to this schedule, as a Management Committee we are proposing that RCSI will liase with the Sports Leader and seek to find solutions that will work for both parties. The sports contacts are:

RCSI Contacts

David Grouse – Soccer

Alan Horgan – Rugby

Paul O Brien/Helen Johnston – Hockey

Ian Mc Arthur– Bowls

Derek Collins/Megan Dunne – Tennis

Cian Mc Carthy – Bar and Events

Key RCSI Contacts

Emily O Brien – Student Services – Emily O’Brien <

Martin Davey – SU President – Student Union President <

Victor O Brien –  Student – Victor O Brien <

Luke Trench – Student – Luke Trench <

Many thanks in advance for your continued support.

Yours in sport,

Barry (Chairperson)