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On Saturday the ladies played Kenilworth at home. They had a disappointing 7 – 17 loss. They have no game this week with their next game away to Crumlin on the 20th of August.
Saturday’s game for the 1st team was in Bray on the newest and best of the artificial greens around. But most of us came off the green believing that it will take another few years before they perfect the artificial greens. With 6 regular 1st teamers missing a difficult away game became a lot harder. With 3 rinks starting poorly it looked like we could be in for a drubbing but everyone fought on and we dragged ourselves back into the game. We lost by 8.5 shots in the end  with 8.5 shots being deducted due to 2 rinks only having 3 players. So the actual scores on the green were level on the day. Everyone was bitterly disappointed and it was obvious that if we had 2 of the 6 missing players we would have won this game.
Tim’s rink of Ian and Adam had a nightmare start and were 0 – 8 down after 3 ends but they played themselves back into the game winning 7 of the next 9 ends to lead 12 – 11 (9 – 11 with deductions). The next few ends were shared as the Bray skip playing well saving a number big counts that would have helped Railway to push on for a win . They lost 18 – 20 (13.5 – 20 after deductions).
Gerry’s rink of of Paddy, Paul K and Tadhg started as bad as Tim’s rink and were 2 – 10 down after 6 ends but the big count that eluded Tim’s rink happened on the 8 end when they got a 6 to bring them right back into the game. But they then lost 6 of the next 9 ends to find themselves 14 – 19 down before they finished strongly winning the last 4 ends 10 – 0 to have a great 24 – 19 win.
Derek’s rink of Paul L and Ultan were 5 – 5 after 5. Then only won 2 of the next 10 ends to be losing 9 – 20 after 16. they won the final 5 ends 11 – 0 to end the game at 20 – 20 (15 – 20 after deductions).
Nigel’s rink of John H, Frank and Dave also started poorly and were 1 – 8 down after 6 ends. They fought on and were only 11 – 14 down after 14 ends and only 1 down after 19 ends at 16 – 17. But they lost 2 on the 20th end to go into the final end 3 down. We were 2 down but with 3 woods at the back of the rink when Nigel bowled his first wood. He went after the jack and looked to have it perfect but it only moved half of the distance required and a bit to the side but we were now lying 2 shots. When he stood up to bowl the final wood of the match we still had all the back woods and if he could move the jack back we would have got 4 or 5 shots. Unfortunately he did not get the jack cleanly and moved it closer to their only wood in that area which cut it down to 1 shot for Railway. Two great efforts from Nigel that with a small bit of luck would have won the rink for them.  The final score was 17 – 19.
So a 1 – 6 overall match loss.
The next game is at home to St Games Gate on Saturday the 13th of August with a cup match on Sunday the 14th of August away in CYM..
On Monday night the second team  had no game. Their next game is on Monday 15th of August at home to Westmanstown.