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On Saturday the ladies played Crumlin away and ended up 2nd best. Their next game is away to Blackrock on the 3rd of September.
Saturday’s game for the 1st team was away to Herbert Park. With a mixture of trepidation and hope we braved the Des Kelly arena and the winter weather.Nobody on the team could remember winning here before but with a very ageing Herbert park team and the fact that we had played 3 games on very fast greens in the last month gave us some chance. a win was always possible as 2 rinks were holding their own, while 1 was struggling. but Nigel’s rink was driving on towards an amazing 36 – 9 win that made sure that the team won the overall match although with 5 ends go the overall lead was only 3. We ended up winning 4.5 – 1.5 (89 – 74) win. Our first in Herbert Park.
In a low scoring start to the game Adam’s rink of Ian, Tim and Paul L started strongly and led 9 – 1 after 6 ends but Herbert park came back to 8 – 9 after after 9. We won 5 of the next 6 ends to lead 18 – 10 after 15 ends. Herbert park came back to18 – 16 after 18 ends before a 3 on the on the 19th looked to win the match for Railway especially when they were holding 4 on the next end before the HP skip moved the Jack back and held 2 shots. So 3 shots up going into the last end still look good until we bowled our worst end and were 5 down with Adam bowling the last wood. He drew in for 4th shot and a 21 – 21 draw. very disappointing.
Nigel’s rink of Tadhg, Frank and Dave were awesome  7 – 1 up after 7, 15 – 9 up after 12 ends they won the last 9 ends to hammer their opponents 36 – 9.
Carrick’s rink of Bryan, Paul K and Zach were in a tight match. 6 – 6 after 6, 11-11 after 11, They only won 4 of the last 10 ends but did not give away a big score as we protected the lead that Nigel was building. The final score was a 16 – 21 loss.
Derek’s rink of Paddy, Gerry and Fiachra Struggled from the start.and were 3 – 14 after 10 ends. but seeing the overall score in our favour they never gave up and fought back well and were only 13 -19 down after 18 with an outside chance of a win but in the end the gap was just too big and they lost 16 – 23. But their fightback meant that the other rinks did not have to take any risks to cover off their loss.
On Monday night the second team played the Bank away in their last game of the season. From 5 ends on  it looked as if we were in control but after losing a 12 shot lead with 3 ends to play last time against the Bank nobody took anything for granted and kept their concentration to finish worthy winners with the final score being 34 – 48 (5 points to 1) all away wins are good but this one was very important to push up to mid table and give us bragging rights over the closed season.
Drew’s rink of Brian, David and John M were involved in a tight match with the score 2 + 2 after 4, They lost a 4 on the 6th but fought back  6 – 9 after 11 ends. but by the 15 end they were 7 – 13 a 4 on the final end put a bit for a gloss on the score which ended up 11 -13.  
Graham’s ring of Brendan B, Tim and Tony were 3 – 2 up after 4 but then won 7 of the next 8 ends to be well in control at 17 – 3. There was no repeat of the last game against the bank when they let a big lead disappear over the last 4 ends. So this time the won easily 18 – 8. 
Nigel’s rink of Brendan S, Viv and Joe were 1 – 5 down after 3 ends but got a 5 on the next end before going on to win 3 of the next 4 ends to lead 13 – 7. The last 8 ends were shared and we came home 19 -13 winners.