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The ladies had no game this weekend. Their next game is away to Leinster on the 9th of July.
Normally it is difficult for any team who play their home matches on an astro green to play in Railway but after the monsoon weather we have had lately it is nearly impossible. Skerries proved this to be correct last Saturday the 2nd of July.  From early on it was obvious that we would win the match with only the number of winning rinks having to be decided.The difference in the end was 107 shots. A 135 to 28 win. (7 points to 0).
Adam’s rink of Ian, John M and Carrick were 18 -2 up after 7 ends. They only lost 3 ends in total and won 42 – 4.
Nigel’s rink of Bryan, Viv and Dave won 11 of the first 12 ends and led 27 – 1.  They fell to pieces then and lost 4 of the last 9 ends. before winning 39 – 6.
Derek’s rink of Tadgh, Tim and Ultan were 2 – 4 down after 4 ends. Skerries made it difficult for them and they never got more than 2 shots on any end but they did win the next 16 ends and only lost 3 ends in total. They won 28 – 5.
Fiachra’s rink of Paddy, Paul K and Zach had the closest match as Fiachra took a rest before the cup match the next day. In his own words he had nothing to do and did nothing all day.  They were 6 – 4 after 5 ends and 14 – 7 after 11 ends and finished with a 26 – 13 winning score.
On Sunday 3rd of July the 1st team had their cup semi final match against CYM played in the neutral venue of Greystones. The final score of 86 – 46 does not reflect how well everyone needed to play to beat this CYM team. After 10 ends the over all score was 42 – 24. A decent difference of 16 that seemed closer on the day as 2 CYM rinks had already fought themselves back to near parity from bad starts. But from the 12th end Adams and Billy’s rinks scored well to take the match away from CYM. So after 4 Semi-Final losses in a row we are now in a final against Westmanstown on Sunday the 14th of August.
Adam’s rink of Ian, Tim and Carrick started well and were 8 – 2 up after 7 ends. Cym came back and the score was 9 – 7 after 11. Then Railway hit back taking 7 of the last 9 ends to win 21 – 9.
Billy’s rink of Paddy, Tadgh and Fiachra had a close start to the game and after 9 ends they were up 7 – 6. But a 6 on the 11th end kick started a purple patch that not only demoralised their opponents on the rink but all of the CYM team as they stretched to a 32 – 11 win.
Derek’s rink of Paul, Jerry and Ultan had a great start and were 9 – 0 up after 3 ends. CYM clawed back to 9 – 7 after 7 ends. Then Railway won the next 5 ends to take control at 16 – 7. The final ends were shared and the final score was 20 – 11.
Nigel’s rink of Bryan, Viv and Dave winning the first 3 ends to lead 8 – 0 and were 10 – 3 up after 8 ends. They only won one more end but worked hard to keep the score down for the overall win. And only lost 13 – 14 in the end
The next game is on Saturday the 9th of July at home to Ierne.
On Monday night the second teams match was at home to Dun laoghaire. With Nigel’s rink in great form the over all match looked to be going our way for most of the game, But after the loss against the Bank nobody was taking anything for granted. The other two rinks were very close and going into the last end any overall match score between 6 -0 and 4 -2  was up for grabs. Drew’s rink got 1 shot to tie their game but were holding 2 until the opposite skip drew in for 2nd shot. Tim’s rink lost 1 shot on a measure to lose by 1. We ended up winning 48 – 34 overall.( 4.5 points to 1.5) The next game is away to Kenilworth next Monday the 11th of July.
Drew’s rink of Rory, Brendan B and John H started well and lead 7 – 3 after 5 ends. and 8 -6 after 9 ends. A bad patch saw them lose the next 5 ends to go behind 8 -14 with 4 ends left. Drew rallied his troops and they won the last 4 ends to tie the rink 14 – 14. They were lying 2 shots on the last end to win the game when the Dun Laoghaire skip drew in for 2nd shot.
Tim’s ring of Brian, Tony and Joe were in a great battle with the lead changing all the time. It was 3 – 3 after 3 ends, 9 – 9 after 12 ends. They went ahead 12 – 10 after 15 ends but lost a shot on each of the last 3 ends to lose by the narrowest of margins 12 – 13.
Nigel’s rink of Brendan S, Paul K and John raced into a commanding lead of 11 – 0  after 5 ends and then led 19 – 2 after 12 ends. But without Viv to steady the ship they lost the next 4 ends before eventually winning easily 22 – 7.