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On Saturday the ladies played Westmanstown at home. When we arrived in Railway before our match we were told not to ask how they did So we took a look on the BLI website and found  that they lost 7 – 20. Their next game is away to Greystones on the 30th of July.
Saturday’s game for the 1st team looked like another easy win against an ageing artificial based team.But Shankill did not read the script.  Derek’s rink was well in control and from 10 ends in it looked like the overall match was was secure. But the other 3 rinks had to battle hard to try and get their point.
Adam’s rink of Paul L, Rory and Dave played against the Shankill captains rink which was obviously their strongest rink. They were   a symmetric 8 – 8 after 8 ends and 12 – 10 up after 14 ends. 13 – 15 down after 17 ends. They were very unlucky on the 20 end. when they are 4 down overall, but Paul had a wood touching the jack directly behind and his other wood an inch directly in front of the jack. The Shankill -player played heavy to break up Paul’s woods but was miles wide when he got a wick which diverted the wood onto Paul’s front wood. The jack then did a double bounce and wend back towards the mat and 2 yards to the right into the middle of 2 poor shankill woods. The lost 1 shot on the end when it looked like they were going to go into the final end level or maybe 1 down. They lost 13 – 21 in the end.
Carrick’s rink of of Paddy, Paul K and Fiachra were in a good match  for half the game. 5 – 5 after 6 ends and 8 – 9 down after 11 ends it looked like it could be a close finish but a 4 on the 12 end kick started a rout where the won 9 out of the 10 remaining ends to comfortably win 28 – 10.
Nigel’s rink of Ian, Tim and Zach had a tough battle on their hand for most of the game against an inspired number 3 for Shankill. Nigel kept us in the game for the first number of ends and were 8 – 6 up after 10 ends. This became 11 -8 after 13 ends before a run of 6 winning end against a tiring Shankill rink made the game look easier than it was. The final score was 24 – 10.
Derek’s rink of Bryan, Gerry and Ultan Started with a 6 and got a 5 on the 6th end and by the 11 end were 20 – 5 up. Making sure there was no repeat of the last game they pushed on and never gave Shankill a chance eventually winning 31 – 11.
So a 6 – 1 overall match win. A bit disappointing.
With only 5 matches left all games are now very important. We probably need 3 wins to secure promotion but 2 of the games are away to Herbert Park and Skerries which are considered unwinnable. So we must win the other 3 games.
On Monday night the second team  had no game.