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New Foot Clinic at Railway Union Sports Club
Exciting news!
Spectrum Health has expanded its clinic at Railway Union with the addition of Podiatry and
Chiropody services, now available on-site to all.
Spectrum Health’s excellent team of Podiatrists and Chiropodists are committed to providing the
best possible clinical services, specialising in treating a range of foot and lower limb conditions,
including sports and running injuries, shin splits, fallen arches, pronation issues, diabetic foot,
ingrown toenails and infections. Find out more about Spectrum Foot Clinic’s services here.
Railway Union’s fully qualified on-site Podiatrist, Hannah Malik, graduated from the University of
Brighton and is a member of both the HCPC (UK) and the SCPI (Ireland). Hannah is dedicated to
providing the best quality care to all of her patients, and has a special interest in sports injuries,
dermatology, diabetes and ingrown toenails and wound care.
Book a Podiatry appointment at Railway Union online here, or get in touch with Spectrum Health via or 01 611 1740 to find out more.